Initial Assessment

An initial assessment involves a discussion about your medical history and any medication you are currently taking.

Your general foothealth will be discussed and checks on your blood flow and nerve function.

Joint mobility is assessed and a routine treatment follows. This covers issues such as Long thick nails, ingrowing nails, split heels and corn and callus removal.

Any issues uncovered will be discussed alongside any future treatment plan.

Fee £70

Routine Appointment

Once we know each other and what your problems are, a routine visit will cover maintenance and other typical problems.

Manipulation and mobilisation may form part of your treatment plan.

Any changes to your general health will of course, be taken into consideration.

Fee £55

Follow Up Care

Follow up appointments for wound care or a redressing.

Fee £25

Nail Surgery

If conservative measures fail, then nail avulsion will be offered as part of a management plan.

A local anaesthetic into the toe is followed by partial or total removal of the nail. The nail bed can then be treated with a chemical to prevent regrowth of the nail. The fee includes the surgery, follow up appointments and dressings.

Prices vary depending on the number of nails involved.

Fee from £360


Podiatry Musculoskeletal Podiatry (MSK) is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a condition affecting the lower limb and foot.

Patients are assessed during standing, sitting and walking. Feet have a huge influence over other parts of the body and their movement.

If the cause of pain is reversible, then a treatment plan will be formulated and may involve exercise regimes, footwear advice, insoles/orthoses and if required, an onward referral.

Fee £75


Not all MSK patients will be prescribed insoles and often they are only to be used for a short time while an injury heals.

Pricing according to prescription ££50-£280


ESWT (Extracorporeal Shockwave treatment) is a non-invasive application of shockwaves to tendinous areas.

This is used on chronic pain to

  • Increase the blood into the surrounding tissues
  • Begin the healing process by cell activation
  • Reduce the pain felt by nerve fibres

The shockwaves are produced by a hand held device which delivers shockwaves through the skin to the target area.
Areas commonly treated with this equipment are plantar fasciiosis and achilles tendinopathy.

The suitability of ESWT is assessed at an initial assessment appointment. Evidence suggests up to 6 treatments to aid healing, but many resolve with 3.

Fee: A package of 3 treatments is £240

Onward Referral

After an initial consultation, it may become apparent that an onward referral is indicated.

If I feel this is in your best interests, I will discuss it with you and send you a copy of the referral for your records.

These include:

  • Domiciliary Podiatrist
  • NHS Podiatry Services
  • Falls Clinic
  • Dermatologist
  • Foot and Ankle (Podiatric) Surgeon
  • Physiotherapist
  • Osteopath
  • Pain Clinic (via GP)
  • Imaging
  • Solemates (nail cutting service run by volunteers)

Fee £15

Fungal Nails

The incidence of fungal nails increases with age and it is the most common disease of the nails.

It promotes thickening of the nail which become discoloured, brittle and sometimes painful. It also destroys the nail plate structures.

Once identified as a fungal nail, it can be treated with a varying amount of success.

Major medical insurance companies regard this as a cosmetic treatment, but the nails can become very uncomfortable and embarrassing, The sooner they are treated, the more likely a successful outcome.

For superficial infections, there are products available which can be painted onto the nails. For more established conditions, fenestration is indicated, which involves small holes painlessly drilled into the nail plate and a fungicide applied daily. The holes must be reinstated every 8 weeks.

Fee £65 plus fungicide.

Virtual Consultation

If you have an issue you would like to discuss via videolink, I am now able to offer these appointments.

They are suitable for initial MSK consultations or if you would simply like an opinion prior to a physical visit.

After the appointment is made, you will be sent a link to enter a virtual waiting room where I will accept you into the consultation.

We can discuss your concerns and I can give you my opinion on the best way forward.